Travel Insurance + Cover for Pregnancy

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What's covered?

  • Up to £10 million medical and repatriation expenses across all products.
  • 24 hour medical emergency assistance.
  • Cancellation/curtailment (cutting short your trip).
  • Personal property, Missed Departure, Travel Delay available and more.
  • Highly trained staff, experienced in dealing with the most sensitive of cases.
  • No age limit on single trip or annual policies.
  • 14 day cooling off period as standard.
  • A host of additional cover options to tailor cover to your requirements.

About NurtureFirst Travel

NurtureFirst Travel makes it possible for mums-to-be to travel with the peace of mind that should there be unforeseen complications*, financial cover is in place and expert medical assistance on hand.

In addition to catering for the needs of mothers to be, there are no age limits and wide parameters of acceptance for those with medical conditions so all family members should be able to obtain cover and join in the babymoon!

It is vitally important all mums to be to ensure their Medical Practitioner and Midwife are aware of their travel plans, that there are no known complications and they are fit to undertake the planned trip.

Pregnancy is not a medical condition so you are able to travel quite late into your pregnancy. Our policies include emergency medical expenses cover for pregnancy and childbirth from week 0 to week 28 inclusive for a single pregnancy and week 0 to week 24 inclusive for a multiple pregnancy, whilst you are away.

From the start of week 29 to week 40 for a single pregnancy, or week 25 to 40 for a multiple pregnancy there is no cover for claims relating to normal pregnancy and normal childbirth or cancellation however, medical expenses and cancellation cover will be provided if any of the following complications arise:

Toxemia, Gestational Hypertension, Ectopic Pregnancy, Post-partum haemorrhage, Pre-eclampsia, Molar pregnancy or Hydatidiform mole, Retained Placenta Membrane, Placenta abruption, Hyperemesis gravidarum, Placenta praevia, Stillbirth, Miscarriage, Emergency Caesarean, A termination needed for medical reasons and Premature birth more than 12 weeks before the expected delivery date or 16 weeks before the expected delivery date if you know you’re having more than one baby.

Airlines and Ferry / Shipping Companies including Cruise Liners have their own restrictions due to health and safety requirements. You should check with them, or any other mode of transport you propose to take, before you book. Denial of boarding by the Carrier is not covered so you should check that you will be able to travel with the Carrier/Airline in advance.

It is essential if at the time of booking your trip you are aware you are pregnant that you ensure you are able to have the required vaccinations for that trip; no cover will be provided for cancellation in the event that after booking you discover travel is advised against or you are unable to receive the vaccinations required for that country.

For further information and if you have any queries whatsoever, please call our travel service centre on 0330 024 9906 and quote NurtureFirst.

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The Chosen by Experts policies provides a significant lump sum payment if a child is diagnosed with a condition such as Congenital Heart Disease, Cancer or Cerebral Palsy, as well as funeral and counselling expenses.

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