NurtureFirst Chosen by Mums 

Designed by Mums, for Mums-to-be to care for the things that really matter

Our Chosen by Mums policies are simple and cost effective. Built from what Mums and Mums-to-be most want cover for. All our Chosen by Mums policies provide funeral and counselling benefit should your child pass away, as well as cover for accidental death. Our options provide additional cover, that was most important to Mums, to care and support should the defined serious medical conditions affect your child.

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Cover for your baby during pregnancy and beyond.

  • Available from your clear 20-week scan
  • Cover until your child is 2 years old
  • Option to cover up to 5 Medical Conditions that are most important to Mums, lump sum benefit
  • Cover for Accidental Death, lump sum benefit
  • Includes Funeral & Counselling expenses
  • All policies include Nurse Support Service

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NurtureFirst Basic

Death by Accident, offers £5,000 as a cash lump sum benefit. 

Funeral & Counselling expenses, offers up to £5,000 expenses. In the event of death by any cause, including a child passing away due to; Stillbirth, Sudden Infant Syndrome (SIDS) or any other natural cause or accident.

Payment options: 24 / 12 / Single
per month
24 payments
NurtureFirst Plus

NurtureFirst Basic cover, PLUS cover for Cerebral Palsy and Cystic Fibrosis. £5,000 lump sum benefit.

Payment options: 24 / 12 / Single
per month
24 payments
NurtureFirst Extra

NurtureFirst Plus cover, with EXTRA cover to include Cancer, Congenital Deafness and Congenital Blindness. £5,000 lump sum benefit.

Payment options: 24 / 12 / Single
per month
24 payments

About NurtureFirst Chosen by Mums

Carefully designed in response to listening to the needs of hundreds of mothers who shared their greatest problems and concerns during pregnancy, these policies offer supportive emotional and financial reassurance to families at an important time in their child’s life.

Select cover levels below and get covered today from £5.71 a month: 

Basic     Plus     Extra 

*Policies must be purchased after a clear 20-week (anomaly) scan and before birth.

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Nurse Support Service

Our customers have access to the nurse-led service, RedArc. This one-to-one provision is invaluable and available for the duration of the policy.

Your own Personal Nurse Adviser provides practical advice and emotional support for all scenarios covered by the policy and much more. This could include mothers-to-be experiencing maternity complications or concerns, families affected by the death of a child, or babies with serious health conditions.

There are no limits to the frequency or duration of calls, nor any requirement to make a claim - this service is available to all customers from the point of purchase and is provided by RedArc - an independent, specialist company.

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NurtureFirst Travel

More than 90% of British mums we surveyed had opted to travel during pregnancy, 40% of them during their third trimester. NurtureFirst Travel makes it possible to travel late into your pregnancy.

Developed with Good To Go - specialists in travel insurance - it embraces families, catering to the needs of a mother-to-be as well as other family members keen to participate in activities, or even those with existing medical conditions - so the entire family can join the babymoon!

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NurtureFirst Chosen by Experts

The Chosen by Experts policies, are exactly that, insurance designed by Paediatricians to provide cover the medical professionals think is important. Covering some of the most serious and common medical conditions, which are difficult, or impossible, to detect at the standard 20 week scan. Aim to support you in caring for your child, no matter what.

The Chosen by Experts policies provides a significant lump sum payment if a child is diagnosed with a condition such as Congenital Heart Disease, Cancer or Cerebral Palsy, as well as funeral and counselling expenses.

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