Jamie Moyes


NurtureFirst was born following a traumatic time in the life of our founder and CEO Jamie Moyes. Jamie’s story begins with the birth of his second child, Max. Soon after birth Max was rushed into intensive care and diagnosed with pneumothorax, a condition that leads to a lung collapsing. Jamie and his wife Henrietta were informed that the condition was likely to impede Max’s brain development due to the lack of oxygen - news which utterly terrified the family. Fortunately Max pulled through and is now growing up as a healthy child.

Such a traumatic experience led Jamie to realise that there is an alarming lack of financial help for parents whose children are born with serious medical conditions, a realisation that spurred him on to develop the NurtureFirst product. The idea was simple, an insurance product bought by mothers-to-be so that if there is a serious issue at birth or in the early life of their child, parents know that they have increased financial stability to tackle the challenges that lie ahead.

Dr. John Fysh

Chief Medical Officer (CMO)

Dr Fysh is one of the country’s leading consultant paediatricians, currently a consultant at The Portland Hospital for Women and Children, and a Fellow of the Royal College of Paediatrics & Child Health and the Royal College of Physicians.  Having experienced first-hand the suffering caused by serious medical conditions to babies and young children and the emotional and financial strain that this can place on parents on a daily basis, John was very excited when the idea of the product was explained to him. He joined the board of directors as Chief Medical Officer and has been instrumental in the building of the NurtureFirst product. Dr Fysh has provided the medical knowledge, data and expertise required to prove that the idea was viable and bring the product to market.

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