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"I wanted to do everything I could for my little one before he was born. For as little as a few cups of coffee a month (which I had given up!), I got insurance should something not go to plan. It even covers him now until he gets into his terrible twos!"

Our Insurance

NurtureFirst Insurance

Policies made to support families in the first 1,000 days of life. 

Cover from your 20-week (anomaly) scan, until your child's 2nd birthday.

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Chosen by Mums      From £118.33 a year or £5.71 a month     

Chosen by Experts   From £350 a year £16.02 a month

Please note that the most cost effective way to purchase these products is as a single premium. 

About NurtureFirst

NurtureFirst promises care and support as you nurture your child on this new life journey. Our insurance helps families coping with the emotional and practical implications of the unexpected, during pregnancy and in those vital early stages of development.

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 Chosen by Mums       Chosen by Experts  

By Your Side - Nurse Support 

Individual Nurse Advisers available to ALL customers, your listening ear, whether you make a claim or not. Emotional and practical support from trained nurses for all scenarios covered by our policies, and much more.

*Available free to all Chosen by Mums & Chosen by Experts policyholders.

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